Are you looking for Real Health and Permanent Weight Loss?

Then you're in the right spot. We offer a number of programs and membership options so you can find the right fit for you. 

Real Advice by Real Doctors for Real Health

Real Life Momentum Inner Circle Membership

Imagine how you will feel in 12 months' time when your health and weight loss transformation is complete and your habit changes are consolidated. Our monthly accountability program is designed to stimulate, challenge and motivate you to succeed with momentum.

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The 12 Week Mind Body Rebalance for REAL Health and Weight Loss

This incredible program takes you through the 7 steps to REAL Health and Weight Loss. It offers coaching and mindset. This is the perfect place for people who need extra help particularly with mindset and staying on plan. This course is offered 3 times a year-February, May and September

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The First Steps to REAL Health and Weight Loss

This is the first 2 steps of our signature program. It's a bite-sized but complete program that teaches you about the hormonal method of obesity and understanding how low carb real food works. Perfect to get you started on your journey to real health all for a tiny $39!

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Understanding Sugar Addiction

This is a 45-minute in depth Masterclass on understanding the vastly underestimated issue of sugar addiction. Dr Lucy Burns then gives you a pathway out of the addiction cycle. This is absolutely compelling viewing and a bargain price of $9


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